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“Just like the assassination of JFK, most everyone remembers where they were when the World Trade centers were struck by the two planes piloted by terrorists.  I was at the prison facility where I worked and my boss called all of us into the rec room to watch what was unfolding on virtually all network channels.

We all stood there and watched as the scene was laid out.  Two planes slammed into the twin towers, an airliner said to be heading for the White House or the Capital building was overtaken and crashed in Pennsylvania somewhere and the Pentagon was supposedly hit by another airliner.

In the days to follow there were many questions being asked, one of which hit a nerve with me.

Where were the CCTV camera footages of the pentagon attack?  They were all gone.  Confiscated by governmental agents within minutes of the initial attack.  Just like my uncles camera was seized minutes after JFK was shot.

This time it didn’t shake.  People wanted answers.  They wanted to see proof!  But the U.S., government  couldn’t hang.  They posted one CCTV video, which showed about six or possibly eight seconds of useless footage.

There was a streak of light and then a sudden fireball from the impact.  Absolutely no visual of an airliner.

Some major dimwit from the U.S., government made the assinine statement, “It was all so fast.  It probably happened between film frames.”

Nope.  Here’s what happened…

“Victory base?  This is central.  You are cleared to paint the target.”

“Roger central, target has been painted, proceed as planned.”

The crosshairs of the optic scope set atop the laser device center on the tiny spot predetermined  as the ‘sweet spot’ and an airforce jet releases it’s missile, programed to hit that exact spot.  The spot in that section of the pentagon containing the sensitive documents  damaging to the U.S. government, exposing the loss of several trillion dollars left unexplainable.

Job done.  Mission over.

Airliner?  Give us all a break.

Wake up SHEEP!


This post is 253% correct!

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In order to achieve my Bachelors degree I had to complete…and pass…statistics.  

I was terrified of this since I’m a dumb-ass when it comes to anything that has to do with numbers.

Luckily for me I selected a course taught by an ex-Vietnam Vet who was this open-minded dude who fully understood the fear most students had about statistics.

Basically there was no way you could fail his class.  He made it clear to all of us that his main job was as a professor of Statistics at Boston College and this class was just his “gravy.”

He and I had long conversations in class (often to the consternation of others) about Asia and Southeast Asia and my plan to move there.  He mentioned that he traveled to Thailand every year to witness the elephant festival.

Regarding statistics, he told us something that I’ll aways keep in memory…

“Statistics and percentages, for the most part are useless.  What is 100%?  Truthfully, it is the total percentage of either the world population, the total population of a country, a city, or a specialized group, where if only one person is absent, the percentage is incorrect.  There is no-such-thing as 101%, 250%, 380%.  These figures are ridiculous.  So, basically most of the statistics you read about are either blatently false or based on an inaccurate input.

“We are educated just enough to keep the system going but not enough to see what is really going on.”

For some, the debriefing process is often difficult and not easily understood.  I suppose it all depends on who the person debriefing is and how believable they are.

For me it was George Carlin.

Carlin introduced me to the lies the U.S. government was feeding us and exposed their well-hidden, often subliminal propaganda in a simple, easily (and humorously) understandable way.  Had it been some other Joe Shmoe, I probably never would have given the information a second thought.  Now there’s many out there who are trying their damnest to pass the truth along and people are finally catching on.

I’m one of those people.

But…it isn’t an easy task, it’s rarely rewarding and it’s often depressing to discover how strongly sheep try and hang onto the concept of “The American Dream,” which doesn’t exist.

Scuse me while I kiss the Sky…. 

Sitting on a log, somewhere deep in the forest, high atop a mountain, in front of of a beautiful mountain lake full of trout.  

Custom flyrod in hand, I bite down on the tiny blue tablet and wait to enter a different world.

Sitting in my float tube, riding the current and waves, I cast out my fly…a fly tied by me.  It sits on the surface of the water and just as I come onto the acid, a trout hits my homemade fly.  

Like a well-oiled machine I draw back on the line and…

Fish On!

It’s not a big one, but the rush is equal to having snagged a giant tuna as I drag my monster aboard, lean back, purse my lips and kiss the sky…

….For today is a perfect day!

” I was standing in my grandmother’s bedroom watching the small black and white television set on top of her chest of drawers.  I was seven years old.

Many folks remember exactly where they were when the news of John F. Kennedy’s assassination was broadcast on every channel of every network.

The phone rang.  It was my uncle Wayland calling from Dallas.  All of my father’s side of the family lived in either Dallas, Fort Worth or Grand Prarie.  Uncle Wayland had been there and had been filming the procession directly across from the “grassy knoll” and kitty-corner to the book depository.  He told my father…

“Lynn, I was filming the procession when all hell broke loose.  There was [sic] shots, not sure how many, people running and shouting..then suddenly there was this guy in a suit and tie, wearing sunglasses, in my face and flashing an FBI badge.  He said, “I have to confiscate your motion picture camera.”  He then took my camera and was gone.”

A couple weeks later there was another “tinny sounding echo” call from uncle Wayland.  He said he had patched in from his ham radio rig.

“I think I’m being followed and I think my phone’s been bugged.  I tried getting my camera back from the FBI, but all I got was a lot of stalling.  They wanted me to answer a list of questions about what I’d seen and heard and I said, “Nothing doing unless I get my camera back.”  Then I was made to wait for an hour or more and finally a suit showed me the door.  

“So I guess this means I’m not getting my camera back?”  

“See this lady and she will give you a generous voucher for your camera.”

End of story…case closed.

As a kid, nothing much about this scenario registered.  But years later having watched a documentary film of the Kennedy assassination on college campus, it became highly suspicious to me how the FBI closed in on my uncle so quickly after JFK had been shot…It was as if my uncle had already been identified in a crowd of hundreds…thousands???…identified as a person with a movie camera, a device that could potentially record any illegal or clandestine activity by the United States government, thereby damaging their reputation.

Well, the U.S. government must think they’re smarter than John Q. Public since their cover-ups were / are always falling short.  Experts in the fields of ballistics, ex-Nasa technical advisors who disprove the likelyhood of space travel to the moon, ex-government high-ranking officials-turned-whistle-blowers and just obvious evidence or a lack thereof, which left the accusing finger pointing at the White House.


THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

A startling movie, which brings a lot of information together in a clearer perspective than I can accomplish. While the link I provided will get you there, you can just as easily do a search on YouTube for “THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?”

For Twitterers:

As powerful as the United States government and all its entities like the CIA, FBI, ATF, Secret Servive and other clandestine services of the U.S. are, they are getting sloppy with their top secret initiatives.

Assasinating a president from a grassy knoll in Dallas, faking a moon landing in order to appear as the leader in the global race-for-space, lying about solid evidence surrounding the UFO theory, assisting in the collapse of the twin towers in New York on September eleventh, firing a missile into the pentagon and then claiming it was a passenger airline piloted by terrorists, and more.

The public is beginning to question just how truthful their government is lately…and some, such as myself, are wondering what it will take to wake the sheep up.