The Pep-rally…

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Some months after my awakening I was attending a pep-rally at my high school stadium. We were all asked to stand for the National Anthem and the music belched out of the loudspeakers as everyone turned toward the U.S., flag and placed their right hand over their heart…a gesture repeated in rote millions of times since my earliest memory.

I said everyone, didn’t I? Well that’s not entirely accurate.

There was a brief disturbance in the upper tier of the stadium as a teacher and one of our security dudes briskly led a bespectacled kid away and out of the stadium. The reason was he did not stand during the National Anthem. He was a Jehovas Witness.

The usual high school banter and gossiping followed. The kid was called numerous names, none of them complimentary and his religious belief was criticized and profanely trashed weeks thereafter.

The sheep went from person-to-person on some sort of hate-fueled, crazy, mindless mission like whirling dervishes. Nobody stood up against them…nobody dared.


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