Posted: March 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

The thing about Jehovah’s Witnesses was their knocking on your door to deliver their message or hand you their tracts.  Innocent enough actions and as I later found out, was a requirement of their church, being a missionary of their religion and spreading their gospel to others.

Some of them must have dreaded this requirement, knowing beforehand the negativity they would be up against.

I was a sheep therefore  I acted like other sheep and disliked Jehovah’s Witnesses….up until I began dating a woman who had studied with them.  One day this woman and I were watching television when there was a knock at my door.   I opened the door and there stood four people, one man and three women, all dressed in their best and looking wholesome and bright.  They greeted me and handed me a tract.  I nodded to them, said, “I’m not interested ” and then shut the door in their faces.

There was one young woman in the group whom I had a keen eye for.  During our short exchange, I kept looking at her…taking in her beauty.  I remember thinking to myself…picturing…a Victorian scene of her and I standing out on the porch of our large Victorian wrap-around porch, dressed to the tee, and positively in love.

Returning from my imaginary vision, I was immediately chastised for my actions and given a brief  lesson in ethics,  morals and  how to keep an open mind to things I could not understand at that particular moment.

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