This post is 253% correct!

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

In order to achieve my Bachelors degree I had to complete…and pass…statistics.  

I was terrified of this since I’m a dumb-ass when it comes to anything that has to do with numbers.

Luckily for me I selected a course taught by an ex-Vietnam Vet who was this open-minded dude who fully understood the fear most students had about statistics.

Basically there was no way you could fail his class.  He made it clear to all of us that his main job was as a professor of Statistics at Boston College and this class was just his “gravy.”

He and I had long conversations in class (often to the consternation of others) about Asia and Southeast Asia and my plan to move there.  He mentioned that he traveled to Thailand every year to witness the elephant festival.

Regarding statistics, he told us something that I’ll aways keep in memory…

“Statistics and percentages, for the most part are useless.  What is 100%?  Truthfully, it is the total percentage of either the world population, the total population of a country, a city, or a specialized group, where if only one person is absent, the percentage is incorrect.  There is no-such-thing as 101%, 250%, 380%.  These figures are ridiculous.  So, basically most of the statistics you read about are either blatently false or based on an inaccurate input.


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