Zee plane! Zee plane! Where’s zee plane boss?

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

“Just like the assassination of JFK, most everyone remembers where they were when the World Trade centers were struck by the two planes piloted by terrorists.  I was at the prison facility where I worked and my boss called all of us into the rec room to watch what was unfolding on virtually all network channels.

We all stood there and watched as the scene was laid out.  Two planes slammed into the twin towers, an airliner said to be heading for the White House or the Capital building was overtaken and crashed in Pennsylvania somewhere and the Pentagon was supposedly hit by another airliner.

In the days to follow there were many questions being asked, one of which hit a nerve with me.

Where were the CCTV camera footages of the pentagon attack?  They were all gone.  Confiscated by governmental agents within minutes of the initial attack.  Just like my uncles camera was seized minutes after JFK was shot.

This time it didn’t shake.  People wanted answers.  They wanted to see proof!  But the U.S., government  couldn’t hang.  They posted one CCTV video, which showed about six or possibly eight seconds of useless footage.

There was a streak of light and then a sudden fireball from the impact.  Absolutely no visual of an airliner.

Some major dimwit from the U.S., government made the assinine statement, “It was all so fast.  It probably happened between film frames.”

Nope.  Here’s what happened…

“Victory base?  This is central.  You are cleared to paint the target.”

“Roger central, target has been painted, proceed as planned.”

The crosshairs of the optic scope set atop the laser device center on the tiny spot predetermined  as the ‘sweet spot’ and an airforce jet releases it’s missile, programed to hit that exact spot.  The spot in that section of the pentagon containing the sensitive documents  damaging to the U.S. government, exposing the loss of several trillion dollars left unexplainable.

Job done.  Mission over.

Airliner?  Give us all a break.

Wake up SHEEP!

  1. As far as I have researched you are correct. I was initially introduced to the concept through the web-documentary, loose change, later Zeitgeist picked it up as well. I recommend both, though some inaccuracies have been noted, the facts still stand on their own. That said, I have researched it further than these films and I recommend the same for anyone else. I have also concluded that there was no plane that hit that building, and I’m sure the spot hit was the spot targeted.

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