I will definately edit this several times after this posting, since I hate writing about myself.

I’m from Southwest Texas in the U.S., near the Mexico border.  My goal in life when I was younger was to leave my city and go exploring and that is exactly what I did.

I am adopted and an only child, which always suited me just fine.  As my blog points out though, I grew up as a follower, never confident in my own feelings or actions and I was terribly unassertive, making me into an easy target for bullies and people who just wanted someone to use or pick on.

There are many things that led me to break out of my shell and reclaim my life.  My story, “An Awakening,” is only one of them.

I went from a marginal student in school to making the Dean’s List every semester in college and finally graduating Magna Cum Laude.  I went from being a pushover to becoming highly assertive, bordering on aggressive.

Basically I took charge of my life.

I began traveling.  First from state-to-state and finally Internationally.  Every chance I got, I was on a plane.  I got to see things I’d only read about or seen on television.  My eyes and my mind began opening to new possibilites.

I learned of new opportunities and began studying to teach English As A Second Language.  I sold my house, my truck and the majority of my possessions and moved to China to live and teach for a year.  After my contract was complete I moved to Southern Thailand, near the Northern Malaysia border and that’s where I am now.

I’ve been living and teaching in Southern Thailand now for eight years and nine months. It is very difficult for me to imagine returning to the United States now.

I’ve gone from being an American to becoming a Worldian.


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