THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

A startling movie, which brings a lot of information together in a clearer perspective than I can accomplish. While the link I provided will get you there, you can just as easily do a search on YouTube for “THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?”

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As powerful as the United States government and all its entities like the CIA, FBI, ATF, Secret Servive and other clandestine services of the U.S. are, they are getting sloppy with their top secret initiatives.

Assasinating a president from a grassy knoll in Dallas, faking a moon landing in order to appear as the leader in the global race-for-space, lying about solid evidence surrounding the UFO theory, assisting in the collapse of the twin towers in New York on September eleventh, firing a missile into the pentagon and then claiming it was a passenger airline piloted by terrorists, and more.

The public is beginning to question just how truthful their government is lately…and some, such as myself, are wondering what it will take to wake the sheep up.

The long walk “up front.”

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My family was Southern Baptist.  Now for you folks “in the know” I probably would not have to say much more but for those who are not so familiar with the “Bible Belt” please allow me to expound.

Southern Baptists are the black belts of the Baptist world.  You can’t drink, you can’t dance, you can’t buy pots or pans or rakes or lawnmowers on  Sunday.  On your worst Sunday, you have to haul your pitiful ass out of bed, throw on your Sunday best and get to church.  Not because you don’t want to miss the sermon…because you need to be SEEN.

I hated the Baptist church.  I hated “Sunday School,” I hated the Wednesday night service, I hated the Royal Ambassadors, I hated the demolays, I hated having to go to vacation bible school.  I wanted no part of any of it but I was a kid and kids (back then anyway) had no rights.

Out of pure curiousity, I attended a Catholic mass with a friend on a Saturday afternoon.  I eventually was found out and was beaten to a bloody pulp by my mother.

Towards the end of our Sunday sermons, the music changed to this lowly, soulful tune with the pastor bowing his head and eyes closed, wailing “Jesus is calling!”  I was sitting on the hard wooden pew thinking, “Is this a local call or long distance and do any discount rates apply?”

The thing was…if you felt you were “Saved” then you walked to the front of the church where the pastor would wrap his arms around you and with ungodly rancid breath, would spew all sorts of glory about you…then he’d shove a tablet into your hand and a tiny stub of a pencil and point you to sit down in the first row where you would fill out this small, official form “Registering” you as a concrete member of the church and a follower of Jesus, I suppose.  Me?  For years I didn’t do it.  I really didn’t believe in god, jesus, religion, or any of that crap.  But, eventually I did do it since so many religious sheep were pressuring me.

The next Wednesday night they “Baptised me.”

So that was it.  I had been “Baptised” and none of it meant anything to me.  I was nine years old at that time.  Now I’m fifty-eight years young and happy to be a card-carrying Atheist!  All the years of brainwashing did nothing for my piece of mind.  Where some people feel the need to “believe” in something, I do not.

So I “believe” I’ll have another beer…

“We are all subject to propaganda.  No matter what you want to believe, governmental propaganda is a part of our lives.  Ours is crude and obvious whereas yours is well thought out, often subliminal and very well crafted by your experts in the fields of marketing and advertising.  The fundamental difference between the two is we tend to disbelieve ours while you tend to believe yours. — A quote by a Soviet correspondent living in the U.S. for five years.

Is it illegal to not stand during the National Anthem?  I don’t think so.  


Does everybody have to be patriotic to the soil they are brought into existence on?  It’s soil.  Dirt.  It’s okay I suppose, but so is the dirt over there…or there…or three thousand miles from here for that matter.

Nouns are names of people, places, things and ideas or concepts.  Patriotism is an idea, a concept.  What I call, one of the “untouchables.”  You can’t touch patriotism and in my opinion if you can’t touch it, it ain’t real…or at least it is left up to what YOU want to make of it.  


Same damn thing.  Freedom is a concept.  You can’t touch it.  Freedom does not mean the same thing to all people.  Are we FREE to NOT accept the concept of patriotism?  In some situations I think not.


What are flags?  Nothing more than a rectangular piece of colored fabric.  Yet people all around the world worship these pieces of fabric every day.  This bothers me somewhat.  What are we?  Are we a bunch of laboratory mice, programed by our governments to have reverence to dirt and fabric?  Because in reality, that is all it is.

Oh, don’t give me that crap about what they represent! They represent any damn thing you want them to represent…you, you, you sheep.  You laboratory rats!

Wake up for crisakes!  Your sons and daughters, your loved ones, are going off to war for their dirt and fabric, which are actually carefully orchestrated plans by your government, which started the war in the first place.

Since kindergarten I was prepared, brainwashed into beliving in, worshiping, dirt and fabric.  Like a robot, I’d stand up, place my right hand over my heart, turn and face the fabric and recite the National Anthem…just like the government robots in Spain, Cuba, Japan, France, Russia…and we’d then happily run off to fight in our government’s wars and get killed in the name of our dirt and fabric.

The PERFECT woman…

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The girlfriend long since gone, another knock on my door…

The same group of Jehovah’s Witnesses were on my porch.  As soon as I opened the door, my eyes fell onto that woman.  She immediately smiled at me, presenting the most perfect set of white teeth I think I’d ever seen in my whole life.  I immediately wanted to be her husband.

Rather than slam the door in their face like before, I invited them inside asked them if they would like some tea.  They refused, so I brought out some water.

The conversation was positive and I felt they understood my position, but I was trying to figure out a way to hook up with this gorgeous woman who was obviously interested in me.

Like my present time affections for a couple of Muslim women, their religions got in the way.  If you are not of their faith, then there is no chance of any relationship.

But, the lesson I learned above all was that everyone has a mission in life and no matter what that mission is, we should all respect it, irrespective of what it means to us.

To imbibe…

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Hunter Thompson

John Cheever

Raymond Chandler

Tennessee Williams

Ernest Hemingway

James Joyce

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Charles Bukowski

Dorothy Parker

Raymond Carver

There’s more, but this list should suffice.  All of these famous authors are / were alcoholics.

I am an alcoholic.

While I cannot even come close to their greatness, I can tell you this…

Drinking beer (I don’t do spirits) stimulates my “idea factory.”  Sometimes I can catch a buzz and write reaves of good stuff, but there’s this “window” and if I miss that window I suck.

I often wonder if it was the same for the famous writers listed above?