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First there’s the patriotism thing…right?  It’s not real, it’s only an idea…a concept, created by?  Yep, you guessed it!  OUR GOVERNMENT.  Most sheep don’t even blink an eye about it.  Sheep are programed from an early age to accept things our GOVERNMENT stuffs down our throats and patriotism is one of them.  But WAIT!  There’s MORE!

You live on dirt.  The world is FILLED with it!  There is dirt everywhere!  It really wouldn’t matter if you moved a freaking mile away or an inch…it’s still dirt.  OH granted there is SOME dirt that is more attractive!  Kinda like that old rule, “The grass is always greener…”

But the freaking “Governments of the world” got together and made up this stupid rule called “BORDERS,” and it ain’t about bookshops.

This “Border” rule says this, “Okay…you live on your dirt and we live on our dirt.  But there is a LINE in this dirt and you cannot pass over it unless you have got papers, authorizations, visa stamps, passports, certified photos, verified immunization records, medical release papers, birth records, past criminal offence records, past offences for feeding pidgeons after five p.m., and making offensive statements about governments rule on country borders.

Serial killers and mother rapers aside, what the *uck does it matter if you overstay your freaking 15-day tourist visa limit?  Not one dogdamn thing.

All this, truly is just another way the government MACHINE can legally milk more money from you!

Why are we not free to walk anywhere we want on the earth’s dirt?  Are the world’s police and military so incompetent that they cannot find another method to follow criminals and / or terrorists than charging innocent citizens millions of dollars a year in visa fees?

I emplore you to ponder this notion, while currently I am paying out money to illegal actions of the Thai Immigration Police and am worrying about the possibility of being charged for an overstay should my current situation not work out.  

It’s never about helping individuals out, it’s always about money, money, money!