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“We are educated just enough to keep the system going but not enough to see what is really going on.”

For some, the debriefing process is often difficult and not easily understood.  I suppose it all depends on who the person debriefing is and how believable they are.

For me it was George Carlin.

Carlin introduced me to the lies the U.S. government was feeding us and exposed their well-hidden, often subliminal propaganda in a simple, easily (and humorously) understandable way.  Had it been some other Joe Shmoe, I probably never would have given the information a second thought.  Now there’s many out there who are trying their damnest to pass the truth along and people are finally catching on.

I’m one of those people.

But…it isn’t an easy task, it’s rarely rewarding and it’s often depressing to discover how strongly sheep try and hang onto the concept of “The American Dream,” which doesn’t exist.